FOSDEM is a not-for-profit organisation, relying on volunteers to help run free, non-commercial events. The focus of these events is to promote the use of Free and Open Source Software.

FOSDEM’s aim is to offer a space for developers to come together, created for the Free and Open Source Software community, by the Free and Open Source Software community.

About the event

For the last 20 years, FOSDEM has taken place in Brussels. However, FOSDEM 2022 sees the event take place online for the first time.

This event offers the chance for developers to communicate with one another, be informed of the latest happenings within the Free and Open Source Software world, as well as extending opportunities to attend virtual talks and presentations by industry leaders.

Participation in FOSDEM 2022 is completely free, though donations and sponsorship are gratefully accepted by the organisers.

FOSDEM 2022 Web Shop

Every year, FOSDEM enables developers to secure crucial funding for their projects through selling merchandise at the event.

With this year’s event being fully online, the organisers wanted to offer developers the opportunity to continue selling their merchandise. This led to the creation of the FOSDEM 2022 web shop, the first of its kind.

The shop itself operates entirely on Open Source software, using Odoo Open Source Community Software. This means a large part of the supply chain is Open Source, yet it must be noted that supplier provision may be out of FOSS realms, therefore its operation is collaborative and accessible in nature.This free-to-use software was utilised by OpusVL, a UK-based, industry-leading Open Source company, to implement and then host the web shop, in collaboration with FOSDEM.

The FOSDEM 2022 web shop is a product of the event’s clear goal, to champion the use of Free and Open Source Software. This partnership between FOSDEM and an industry leader in OpusVL aims to showcase the importance in developing using Open Source and in this instance, the benefits it has from an E-commerce perspective.

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